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Practicing with a Looper

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

In terms of learning & developing timing, acuracy, layering, rhythm & soloing. Practicing with a looper is a great investment.

In my opinion a loop station is one of the most valuable practice tools for a guitarist to have in their quiver.

For those that are unfamiliar. A looping station is a pedal which allows you to play & record a passage of music.

Playing the passage back on an endless loop, which allows you to add additional layers over the top such as bass lines, additional melodic passages, percusive elements, etc, to build the loop section up, allowing you the freedom to improvise or create songs etc, etc.

So the way a loop station can be used is fairly broad. You can use it as a practice tool to develop timing for scales & riffs over the top of a chordal progression. This can be expanded to include intervals, double stops, bass lines, octaves , etc.

In a performance piece you can play the verse & loop the chorus to solo & sing over the top of.

The point being, is that it will make your timing flawless & make you realise that "Less is more" with a looper.

One word of advise would be to keep practicing your looping skills until your timing is spot on & before unleaching your talents to the general public.

There is nothing worse than hearing a musician layering "out of sync " amplified loops down in a public place. It sounds REALLY BAD...!!!

In terms of brand's, there are many, but I like the Digitech Jammam as it has a long recording time, & is easy to operate without getting too involved with the instruction manual.

There are 2 channel loopers on the market which allow verse & chorus sections to be recorded & layered or solo over the top.

So the people using loop stations for performance can loop on the fly or develop an entire pre recorded show incorporating guitar / bass / drums / vocal harmonies etc., which select as required.

In terms of guitar practice & learning to loop, all you need is a basic machine.

One last word.

Take your time to learn the looper & dont get frustrated with the process.

All new skills require time to master.

Enjoy the process. It will take as long as it takes and we all learn at different speeds.

One thing I can gaurantee is , once you have mastered the looper, your timing & layering skills will be with you for a life time.

Digitech Jamman

Remember- perfect practice makes perfect

Adios amigo's

Best of luck


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