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The Art of Commitment

Updated: Jul 7

Commitment applies to starting anything new and goes way beyond bettering your Guitar skills. The point being that EVERYBODY starts at the bottom of the learning curve and it is only through repitition and routine that we start to recognise our progress.

We live in strange times. I say this a lot and, if I am 100% honest, its partly through frustatration. However, everyone gets a ribbon just for showing up to the sports carnival. Yes it is a very nice thing to recognise participation, but lets CELEBRATE the people who have put in the hard work, developed solid technique and practice routines. They are the WINNERS. The ones that have applied themselves and came home stronger than before.


Wherever you set your goals and ambitions as a Guitar player and whatever level you are currently playing at:

RETHINK - your approach to practice routines and learning and you will improve. In fact, any changes you make to your routines will make you think outside of the box you are currently in.

The more you change things up, expand your vision, play outside of your comfort zone.

The more you challenge yourself to improve and the more you evolve as a player.

Take up this challenge and Guitar will not be the only thing that you will see an improvement in.

EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, so lots of other areas of your life will go under the microscope and potentially get a shake up.

In terms of uping your Guitar game, commitment is :

  • Leave the Guitar out of its case so you can pick it up and play anytime.

  • Make a habit of making time to focus on what requires work. ( your weak points)

  • Take regular lessons - Private / Group / Youtube / Subscription / Whatever

  • Write down your songlist in groups of 10 songs and learn them.

  • Start learning some songs that are "out of your reach"

  • Record yourself ( I know it can be a cringe worthy experience, but you will improve)

  • Join a Band - Duo / Trio / Jam with friends / Whatever (start playing with others)

  • Play to an audience - (Friends / Lovers / Family / Open Mic / Etc

OK, thats my take on commitment. This blog is designed to motivate you to take your Guitar playing up a notch and make you the best Guitarist you can be and is not intended to upset or stress anyone out.

At the end of the day. This is YOUR GUITAR JOURNEY and whatever level makes you happy is all that is important. However, should you want to reach for higher highs. I am here to educate, motivate and offer you the nuggets of gold that I found the most useful in my own 40 year guitar journey.

All the very best,

David Felgar

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