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Tone is everything

12 “ tube amp combo
Fender Blues Deluxe

The only reason there is a market for cheap junky guitars & amps is because beginners havent developed their ears.

It takes time to recognise what good tone is & how to achieve it.

Very few cheap guitars & amps can create good tone & designers are more concerned with "features" like cheap nasty onboard effects or USB ports.

Product advertising will try to convince you otherwise, but "the ears never lie"

There is an expression " the punters dont have ears", meaning very few members of the audience are concerned with tone. Most are focussed on showmanship, which is important, but its not the focuss of this blog.

Your tone is as individual as you & only purists, select audience members & other musicians will truely appreciate it,

Your tone defines you as a musician. Its your sound identity. The sum of your musical style, attack, equipment & level of playing.

So playing quality instruments through quality amps & PA's is key.

The guitar is essentially a soundbox. Requiring exotic tone woods, master Luthiers, skilled Technicians, quality hardware & the aging process to create warmth, balance, natural sustain & playability.

Its a beautiful time honoured process.

So the amplifier plays an important role in reproducing your natural guitar sound accurately.

Mud in = Mud out

if you start with a muddy crappy sound from the guitar. Thats what you're going to amplify & no amount of effects or mixing desk tweaking is going to make it sound any good.

Valve tube amps

My personal preference is the sound of vavle tubes over solid state amps.

Solid state has come along way over the years . They are super reliable & light weight, especially for acoustic and clean sound applications, but nothing gives the warmth, sustain & depth like a tube amp.

I own a Fender Blues Deluxe single 12 inch combo & I play both electric & acoustic guitars through this amp with great results.

So when you next feel inspired, go to your local music shop & play your guitar through several amps & let your ears be the judge of what sounds best.

Check out the 2nd market too. Theres always a bargain to be found.

Enjoy the process,

Until next time,

Adios amigos

David Mark Felgar

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