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EST. 2010

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I've been playing guitar for around 35 years.  When I was 12, my father came home with my first guitar. A Yamaha classical guitar.  He had an idea that I would be interested in learning the instrument and I was happy to receive a large gift outside of Christmas and my birthday.  Win win.

I started taking lessons, became involved in bands with friends from school, busking at markets and generally immersing myself in the instrument from a Rock, Blues and Pop perspective.

Years later I became involved in the access centre courses at the conservatorium of music and developed an understanding of theory and Jazz progressions, playing in an ensemble, etc.  This is where my taste in music broadened to jazz and influences within blues and funk fusion.

Using this knowledge I have been putting my own spin on cover songs and applying my knowledge & playing techniques to my own songs and live performances.

My technique, repertoire and influences constantly evolve as I continue to improve and gain further understanding of the instrument and its subtleties.

My goal as a teacher is to share my knowledge with others who are keen to advance their guitar skills. 

I feel I have something to offer any student willing to put in the time and a little bit of effort, whether they be an absolute beginner to an advanced player who would like to take their playing up a notch or two..


Bondi Guitar

How I Can Help You

I can help you go further in most styles of guitar: Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock and Folk. We will also concentrate on picking and finger style technique, repertoire and related theory, song craft, practice techniques, looping and effects.


Give me a call to discuss your goals. Together we can work out a plan to suit your specific needs.

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