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Choosing the right guitar

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The most asked question I get: "What guitar should I buy?". Here are my top tips for choosing the right guitar.

Choosing the Right Guitar

Buying a new guitar is all based upon where you are at as a player and a musician. If you have just starting learning the guitar you need to consider your level of commitment. There are cheap beginner guitars from around $150, but I would only suggest this for a child or beginner who is only prepared to "dip their toe" into learning the instrument.

The Vintage Guitar

I personally prefer the second hand vintage market pending your budget. MIJ (made in Japan) or USA guitars are very well made from seasoned exotic tone woods and the timbers have had time to develop a fuller, richer sound. These guitars look cool and are loaded with character. Prices start from approximately $400 for a quality vintage Japanese acoustic guitar to into the thousands.

There are usually plenty of guitars in the secondhand market for sale and once you have tracked down your favourite, you've got yourself a keeper.

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