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"You practice and you get better. It's very simple."- Phillip Glass

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

This quote summarises my mantra as both a guitar teacher and fellow guitar student. Practice truly is the key...

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice". Vladimir Horowtiz

I am constantly noodling around with my guitars. When there is just rubbish on the box I either mute the TV or flick over to youtube in search for a song I have been wanting to learn, pick up my guitar and off I go.

Repetition is the key for improvement. The more often you play the guitar the better you will become. My role is to provide you with 30 or 60 minutes of motivation and learning.

The rest of the week is in your hands, so constant playing and perfect practice is the key.

It's the time away from your lessons that you literally put into practice what you have learnt. I love quotes to illustrate my point and this one is gold - "Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good." - M Gladwell. I guarantee just pick your guitar up and start, and 5 minutes will become 10 and 10 will become 15 - you get it - and before you know you have entered some kind of private guitar vortex...

“We, me included, have to make the time to practice. Making excuses leads to zero improvement"

Another obvious tip that pays dividends is to have your guitar very accessible at all times. Don't lock it away in the case or gig bag. Pull it out, lean it on the wall, lay it on the lounge, whatever! Just make it very easy to pick up the guitar and play at anytime.

Another tip is to develop a repertoire, a song list in groups of ten songs. The point here is to learn complete songs. Intro / verse / chorus / middle eight / outro.

When you are not focusing on technique you are learning, working on, practicing & mastering complete songs from your set list, so when you are asked "What can you play?" you can go into Zen lounge auto pilot and play the best part of ten songs in a row. Not bits and bobs of songs in an incomplete, jumbled array, cause that just ain't cool!

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